Places on the Rise


It’s a new a year and a new beginning, you know what that means right? New places to explore and travel!

Here are the following 5 top places on the rise for this 2015, where you can travel and enjoy a variation of activities; A large number of hotels where you can choose where to stay, while you appreciate the beautiful landscapes of each of these places.

Puerto Plata

It’s the capital of the Dominican Republic Province, city that is known for its wonderful resorts such as Playa Dorada, home to the famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Course, which is listed as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world. Nevertheless, resorts such as Riu Merengue & Riu Mambo resorts, are located nearby on the beach of Maimon Bay, 9km away from Puerto Plata.

Due to the high rate of tourism around the beaches of Puerto Plata, the activities are mostly involved with water; Diving and snorkeling are best enjoyed in Sosua, located 20 minutes from Puerto Plata, where you will find reefs, canyons, shipwrecks, and gardens.
One of the biggest activities and sports in Puerto Plata is the windsurfing. The major windsurfing spot is Cabarete, with a price range of $20-30$ per hour with lessons available.

Most of the hotels in Puerto Plata are all inclusive, for example Barcelo, is a premium category all-inclusive resort, adequate for adults, couples and families. Three meals at a day, national alcoholic beverages, sports and other activities are included for a single price.

Finally, another all-inclusive hotel is Blue Bay Villas Doradas, with a 24 hour service and rooms of the highest quality, it provides their guests the most delightful sighting of the ocean, spa, gym and pools, giving the guests total relaxation and full tranquilization.

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A city located in the Insular Italy, known for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy.
You can schedule or join a tour throughout the city, starting at Fontana Pretoria, a huge and ornate fountain with sculptures of nymphs, located at south of Quattro Canti.

If you are up to know more about history and culture, there’s a museum called Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, where you can enjoy works by Sicilian artists from the Middles Ages to the 18th century, such as the Triumph of Death (Triunfo della Morte). Paintings, sculptures and a countless of other pieces of art, can be found inside this art museum.

And while you are busy planning your tours, you can choose from a variety of hotels at an accessible price, such as Hotel Garibaldi, located in the most elegant district of the city. This building is designed with beautiful architectural structures and highly tech equipment.


It’s a perfect place to stay if you rather walk on your tours, due to the closeness of the most famous monuments and museums located nearby, as well as restaurants, cafés, and shopping areas.

Another option is the Ucciardhome Hotel, full of artistic and historical treasures inside the building and in each of its rooms. If you’re accompanied by your family and children, there’s a babysitting service at your disposal, that way you can enjoy the nightlife places around the hotel and throughout the city, additionally, if you want to assist to an event or show at the famous Teatro Massimo, you can book your entrance tickets in reception.

Lastly, if you’re seeking for some relaxation and something more sophisticated and modern, yet,
at a low price, Quintocanto Hotel is the right one for you.
Located at the heart of Palermo, it offers their guests a relaxing atmosphere with a minimal style in its interior design and furnishings, ideal for business travelers and for those who are exploring the city center sites.



The largest city and the capital of Kosovo, full of historical attractions such as the Gracanica Monastery, the most famous monument in Kosovo. Currently, the place serves as home for a community of nuns, as well as several rooms for guests that are looking to find some internal peace with themselves.
Next up, ideal for an adventure outside of the city, the Kosovo Caves are a perfect place to explore more about the geography of the region. Like many places in Kosovo, the caves is a work on progress. There are plans for the future, specially this year, with the development in the area; At the moment, they have prepared over 1,300 meters of cave walks for visitors and another 5,000 meters are expected to be developed.

While enjoying the tours around the city, there are various hotels at good price ranges, take for example AFA Hotel, a place where guests can experience a pleasant environment, away from the crowd and the noise of the city. Around this hotel, you can take a five minute walk into main streets, government buildings and restaurants nearby.

Hotel Sirius, located in the center of Pristina, is an excellent place for business people, perfect for meetings, conventions, conferences or an informal get together with other associates. Each room is equipped with digital devices and instruments to make their guests feel comfortable while working in the city.


A country worth visiting for the trip with the whole family, experiencing the beauty of its landscapes and exploring the villages that serve as inspiration for Disney’s animated movie “Frozen”.
Starting at Akershus Fortress, the castle that served as a model for Elsa and Anna’s palace in the movie. You can take a guided walking tour in Oslo to learn some history including secrets and stories of this 500 year old castle. By the other hand, take a visit to Storybook Village, which is the inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen, while you’re there, take a glimpse at Bryggen district, full of history with its wooden architecture, craftsmen’s workshops and many local restaurants where you can rest and grab a bite.
And if you and your family decide to do some other activity, we recommend you do some river rafting along the pristine waters of one of Norway’s rivers, as it carries you through the wonderful Norwegian landscapes of natural beauty, adventure adequate for all ages.

On your stay in this beautiful country, there are many hotels to choose, whether you prefer a low price range or an all inclusive hotel, you can pick between the Radisson Blu Royal, Fretheim, Hotel Union or the Grand Hotel Oslo.



Is the provincial capital of Sichuan Province in Southwest China, as well as a major city in Western China. The city is full of temples and museums where you can visit and know some history about China and its culture.
The Wu Hou Shrine (Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu) it’s a good place to start the tour. It’s located in the south suburb of Chengdu, with a total of 37,000 square meters.
Next stop is the Three-Star Piles Museum, located 40km north of Chengdu. This place is a cultural relic of the ancient Shu (Sichuan), its importance lie on the archeological discovery that affected and changed the people’s understanding of ancient history and culture. An ideal museum to know more about Chinese Shu culture.
Finally, if you want to take a hike through Chengdu’s landscapes, you can start at Jiuzhaigou Valley, located to the north of the city. This Valley has a wonderful scenery composed of blue lakes, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains and green forests, perfect for a getaway from the noise and the city.

While you discover the Chinese culture and its history, you can rather stay in hotels in the city, like Fraser Suites, The Ritz-Carlton, Crowne Plaza, Shangri-La Hotel or the Wenjun Mansion Hotel; If you’re looking for a place a little outside of the city and quieter, you can try Buddha Zen Hotel.

These places are definitely worth visiting for this 2015, since they’re on the rise to become hot spots for tourism. Before they become crowded by tourists, why not be one of the firsts to explore these tremendous and interesting cities?