Typical food not so typical


In any country or city you will encounter the typical or national dish of the place, that is to say, a meal especially with the characteristics of the region. Even so, wherever you are you’ve tried the dish in your area and if you are a food lover, you probably would try some of the other regions.

Why not try on a whole continent? Clearly, we recommend you start at a small continent, like that of Central America, that way you can travel it all in less time than you think. Thus, we will help you with a brief description of some dishes of Central American countries, inclusively, we suggest a starting point and an ending point so you can go through every country without exception.

Get ready, because some of these traditional foods are not as common as you think.


Why not start on food dishes with a touch of Mexican and Caribbean cuisine? Starting with Belize, located in the northern Caribbean coast of Central America.

Here, you will have the experience of tasting traditional exotic recipes like armadillo meat, deer and paca (a type similar to a guinea pig rat), also the most consumed dishes in this country are those that are accompanied with seafood ; A soup of shrimp, fish or snail, will help you get into that relaxed Caribbean atmosphere.

If your stomach is beginning to rumble, the main course of this country will make you even hungrier.
This dish has its literal name “Rice and Beans with Coconut Milk,” which reached these lands through the Caribbean tribes of Africa. It consists of red beans, rice and milk or coconut oil.

Most villagers accompany this dish with roast beef, stewed chicken or fish; for a finishing touch, fried plantains whether they are green or ripe.


In the far northwest of the continent, we find Guatemala’s cuisine fused with two cultures, Spanish and Mexican.

In this country, you’ll find more dishes of stews and soups, with common local ingredients such as meat, chicken, rice, beans and corn; But in terms of typical food, Guatemala has a variety of different dishes so you can choose which one to try, or, just try them all!

You can start with the “Kakik” or turkey soup, followed by “Jocón” or chicken in green sauce and if you are someone who likes spicy, you can also try the “Pepián” chicken, cooked in a spicy sauce made from sesame seeds and pumpkin or dish “Subanik” made of chicken, beef and pork steamed with a spicy sauce.

With this variety of dishes, Who would not want to try each of them?

El Salvador

The Salvadoran cuisine is known for preserving and reflecting the customs of ancient peoples, using corn as main ingredient in all its dishes.

This is how you will meet with beef or chicken tamales and their signature dish, the famous “Pupusas” made with corn, rice or squash, stuffed with fresh cheese, pork or mixture of both and refried beans, known as “Pupusas Revueltas”.

Among other dishes, you can try the “Casamiento”, which is a mixture of beans with rice and herbs, accompanied by fried plantains and tortillas.

And if you’ve never tried an “Atol”, we recommend you try the one with corn in this place.


This country is located in the central-north of Central America, it has diversity in its cuisine, as it has been influenced by Spanish culture and to some extent, African.

The ingredients that dominate are seafood and corn, which is the main crop system. Also, the famous corn tortillas, topped with beef or chicken, beans, cheese, bananas, cassava and tomato salad or cabbage, calling this combination of ingredients like the typical dish of the country.

If you reach along the coasts of Honduras, you will meet with seafood dishes like fish and fried shrimps, snail soup and a mix of seafood soup, made with coconut milk.

Whatever the region where you choose to travel, we assure you that your experience with the Honduran cuisine, will be unforgettable.


Like many dishes of these countries, the cuisine has been influenced by various cultures, as in the case of Nicaragua, without exception. The Nicaraguan food was influenced by two very different cultures, resulting in a very distinguished and varied Creole menu using ingredients to create dishes from soups, meats and sweets of various kinds.

Some of their dishes are, “El Gallo Pinto”, consisting of a mixture of fried rice with onion, bell pepper (known as pepper) and red beans cooked with garlic; “The Vigorón” which is a plate covered by banana leaf and inside of it, cooked cassava, cracklings and a cabbage salad with tomato; Finally, “El Indio Viejo” is a dish consisting of beef with onion, garlic, bell pepper and tomato cooked. The broth of the beef is kept for later. Besides, several tortillas are moistened with water and grounded to form a dough. The meat is shredded and fried with vegetables and the dough; later, sour orange juice is added and it is cooked in the broth.

Certainly in Nicaragua you will find more traditional dishes that will awaken your palate.

Costa Rica

So far you will realize that these Central American countries have in common most of the ingredients in their food dishes; Costa Rica is not far behind with its popular rice with chicken, corned beef and potato, which are two of their typical dishes; the “Casamiento”, is also another of the country’s dishes, which is based on rice, beans, plantains, salad and meat. Plus, you’ll find great fresh corn tortillas called “Chorreadas”, roasted corn and bean “Empanadas” with cheese or meat.

As for desserts, you’ll finish your lunch or dinner with a caramel coconut rice pudding or the famous cake made with cornmeal.


You are close to complete your Central American culinary experience, so you can’t withdraw without trying the Panamanian cuisine, influenced by Spanish, African and Afro-Caribbean culture.

You can taste the mix of cultures in every bite of typical dishes found in this country, such as “Gaucho” seafood, a mixture of soup and rice with mixed seafood; ” Ropa Vieja con Tostones”, which consists of shredded beef cooked with tomato, onion and garlic,  served as most of the dishes, with a portion of white rice; Finally, the “Sancocho”, one of the most traditional dishes in Panama consisting of a chicken, which is mixed with yam (a type of potato), cilantro and spices. Always with a delicious white rice.

Note that describing the cuisine of these countries is far from the true feeling of experiencing in person these dishes, so you should not stay reading, go out and dare to travel these seven countries steeped in rich history and culture.

Just remember, before you start your gastronomic journey, prepare your stomach, because you need a lot of space to try all these delights.