On top of the earth


Are you someone who enjoys exploring mountains and enjoy the scenery? Or are you of those who like to camp and enjoy nature? You can experience any of them.

Central America is known for its mountainous landscapes along the continent, but did you know there are more than mountains? We refer to the unique formations of nature, volcanoes. In each of these Central American countries, you will encounter volcanoes that are mostly extinct. You can take a tour around the continent and expand your horizons of exploration but we recommend you start in Guatemala, the highest volcano in Central America, called the Tajamulco Volcano.

Tajumulco Volcano

This volcano has a height of 4.222 meters and is located in the department of San Marcos, in the town of Tajamulco to the west of the country.
The wonderful thing about this formation are its two cusps, referred to as major and minor peak. The highest peak is located on the east side and has a small crater approximately 50 meters in diameter, and a tower triangulation. Now, the lower peak is known as “Cerro Concepción” and has a height of 4.100 meters.

With this type of heights, the views are spectacular which meets your expectations to see and enjoy the scenery.


If you are not yet convinced, we inform you that the weather in this volcano is strongly dominated by dampness and coldness, with temperatures at 0 ° C, while minimum winter temperatures often drop to -10 ° C, therefore it is very common to see people hiking and camping in the surrounding area; Of course, this is extremely attractive for those who enjoy the cold weather.

So if you love everything mentioned above, we hope you’re preparing your suitcase or your backpacking bag, ready to venture into this volcano. Also, if you want to explore beyond these horizons, you can go through Nicaragua, the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, Costa Rica with 112 volcanoes, which five are currently active or Panama, with its 13 volcanic complexes whose activity, created a landscape with natural hot springs.

We wish you a good trip and see you up there.