7 Wonders of Central America


Giving a tour around Central America will take some time because if you really want to learn more about each country, you should explore all areas and corners full of history, natural beauty, culture and cuisine.

But don’t worry, you can start by taking baby steps, that’s why we will help you with a short list of the 7 most wonderful places to visit in Central America.


1. Belize

The Belize Barrier Reef is located by the coast of the country, approximately 300 meters north coast and 40 kilometers in the south. It is the second reef system in the world’s largest coral, with approximately 500 species of fish, hundreds of invertebrates and 70 species of corals. In this system, there are a total of seven marine reserves, 450 cays and three atolls.

Despite that this reservation system is protected by certain prescribed measures, this reef is threatened by environmental and ocean pollution, shipping and fisheries; Natural phenomena such as hurricanes, global warming and rising ocean temperatures are other threats.

2. Panama

The Bird Island in Panama is located on the outskirts of Boca del Drago and Isla Colon. It is considered a bird sanctuary, one of the most important nesting species of seabirds such as gulls, tropical red beak, bird Brown Boobie, the Tropicbird Red-billed (tropical bird with white plumage), terns, gannets, pelicans and other species.

The only downside to this place is that for the protection of these birds, the entrance to the island is not allowed, however, the boats can bring tourists to the shores of the island so they can watch these magnificent animals in their habitat. Also, for sea lovers, they can perform diving near the island.

3. Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the Cocos Island National Park is located, considered a natural laboratory for the study of the evolution of species. The climate is extremely rainy, forming evergreen forests and about 2,000 waterfalls falling into the sea during these rainfall events. Without any doubt, it is an attractive island to take a tour and enjoy of its full

4. Honduras

Moreover, on the north coast of Honduras is the National Marine Park of Cayos Cochinos, part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which extends from the Bay Islands to the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico . This protected area includes two islands full of forests, Cayos Cochinos Grande or Mayor and Cayos Cochinos Pequeño or Menor

It is one of the places famously known because of its tourist attraction for diving and various water activities, also by the tranquility of the sea for these activities.

5. Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala has high purity water. It is the deepest lake in Central America and is located in a volcanic caldera called “The Chocoyos”, where about 84.000 years ago, was formed by a volcanic eruption.

This lake is recognized as a majestic natural formation which attracts several tourists for its refreshing waters and the cultivation of high quality coffee on the shores of this lake. Thus, it is also an attraction to enjoy Kayaking.

6. Nicaragua

With regard to the historical, Granada is a city known as La Gran Sultana, located in Nicaragua. It was one of the first European cities in American mainland. It is a place that has become a tourist destination thanks to its colonial and neoclassical architecture; In addition, it is famous for its festivals such as Riding.

You can enjoy long walks in this historical city while eating some of their national dishes and listening to their folkloric music.

7. El Salvador

In El Salvador, the Volcanoes National Park is a protected natural area that includes 3 of the 14 “young” volcanoes in the Cordillera Apaneca- Ilamatepec, these are: Volcano of Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde in the departments of Santa Ana and Sonsonate. It covers an area of 4,500 hectares and elevations between 500 and 2,381 meters above sea level, where you can find wildlife, varied flora and where basic grains, sugar cane and livestock are produced.

Embark yourself on a journey full of natural beauty in which you will enjoy as much as the Fauna and Flora and dare to explore all the other wonders of these Central American countries.

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